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Warka Water Inc is a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit focused on innovative, and truly sustainable solutions, to some of humanity’s most enduring issues.

Warka Water’s President Arturo Vittori has been invited to present the non-profit work at numerous prestigious international institutions such as United Nations Headquarters and events such as TEDx talks. His presentation subjects vary: the Environment, Sustainable Development, Potable Water, Housing, the Status of Women, Gender Equality, Human Rights, Vernacular Architecture, Biomimicry, Cutting Edge technologies Ancient Traditions, Sustainable Tourism, Art and Crafts, and more. Warka Water’s work has been exhibited internationally within some of the most prestigious Art, Design, and Science Museums such as the London Design Museum, Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum in New York, the MAXXI in Rome, etc.

Warka Water (WW) mission is to provide clean water, sanitation, and housing to the people in need, by building infrastructure and facilities, providing technical training for construction, operation, and maintenance, and creating educational programs for sanitary and hygiene practices. We are developing sustainable solutions that will empower individuals for generations to come.

Warka Village is an integrated community designed to host up to 100 people, from Pygmies and other local ethnic groups, in need to live with dignity. An example of collaboration with the local community, on how to construct using indigenous techniques and local natural materials that respect the cultural identity of the place.

Warka Tower is designed to harvest water from the atmosphere (rain, fog, dew) providing an alternative water source for rural populations that face challenges accessing drinkable water. It is a passive structure, it functions only by natural phenomena such as gravity, condensation & evaporation.

In 2015 the first Warka Tower pilot was constructed in Dorze, a rural community in south Ethiopia. After this successful initiative, we have founded the “Warka Water Inc.” non-profit, based in the USA, as a platform for our social actions.

With the experience acquired working with rural communities, we realized that above the water scarcity there were other important issues we could help with. This is why additional projects have been developed, for integrated and sustainable aid.

Warka House, is a sustainable residential unit built with local natural materials. It is inspired by traditional African houses, improving the drawbacks and keeping the cultural features. It offers higher standards of hygiene and comfort thanks to the insulated floor, rain waterproof roof, natural ventilation, and mosquito protection.

Warka Sanitation provides safe water for washing (sanitation and personal hygiene) and adequate latrines. With a dry system, human waste is turned into useful compost. With separated facilities (men/women), each toilet has 2 outlets: urine and excrement (liquid / solid waste). Warka Kitchen is a common space for the community for food preparation in a safe and controlled environment. It is also a social space for the villagers to eat together. The preparation of food takes place in a hygienic and well-organized setting for the preparation of traditional food.

Warka Clinic It provides access to basic quality and affordable health care. It provides health services such as general consultations, laboratory screening, pre-pharmacy with essential drugs, maternal and child health services, maternity space and delivery room, immunization services, general health education, and traditional natural medicine.

Warka Garden provides food for the community. The vegetables can be sold to the local market, so it can also be a source of revenue for the community. It represents an investment to implement economical possibilities. The WG is modular and varies in size. An efficient water irrigation system will be adopted to optimize the usage of the water.

Warka Solar provides electrical energy from sunlight. This can bring a big change in community lifestyle, giving the chance to practice activities after the sunset as well as to recharge devices such as mobile phones. It is designed as a modular system depending on the necessity, the project scale, and the available budget.

The name ‘Warka’ comes from the Warka Tree, which is a wild large fig tree, endemic to Ethiopia. It has an important symbolic value, it is the centre of the local community, fundamental for the local ecosystem, and offers a gathering place. Moreover, it has also a spiritual meaning, where they pray to God.

Innovative, eco-friendly, biodegradable infrastructures, to support the basic needs of disadvantaged populations located in remote rural locations. Truly sustainable projects through the fusion of local traditional knowledge, and cutting-edge technologies. Involvement of the human local resources in all the stages of the project.

Beyond potable water, they aim to empower the local ethnic groups and restore the natural ecosystem. To bring a positive impact on the community by invigorating the local economy and providing women and children opportunities to invest their time in care, education, and other cultural and productive activities.

Currently, they are active in Cameroon where they are constructing the Warka Village. They are also undertaking the first steps to bring help to some rural isolated communities in Haiti, Togo.

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