To say the world is in a state of financial flux would be an understatement. Marooned by a global pandemic, travel is mostly a dream from the couch. The information highway is the office commute, as we zoom from one meeting to another. Looking on the bright side, business attire budgets are reduced by half. No need for fancy pants, nor expensive shoes. Fortunately, we are already used to working remotely, since 2012. Our developers are scattered around the world. We have no need for large offices. However, we still need to maintain a physical office address.

South Africa

Our administrative base is Cape Town, South Africa. It’s also the jurisdiction from where we legally operate. The terms of service, privacy policy and membership options are subject to South African Law. This necessity does not mean we have to pick a bland place to work from. The Victoria & Albert Waterfront is a prime location, with a high concentration of tourist attractions and restaurants. The Clocktower is a signature office block and shopping mall.

V&A Waterfront Clocktower, Cape Town, South Africa

V&A Waterfront Clocktower Mall, Cape Town, South Africa


United Kingdom

While Cape Town is a stunning base, we need to be closer to the global heartbeat. With a similar time zone, that place is the United Kingdom. It’s where we keep our servers and high speed links to North America, Europe and the rest of the world. Our data centre is in London, but we’re used to fresh sea air, hence we’ve opened an office in Shoreham-by-Sea. The office is a stone’s throw from Shoreham Airport, which is key to many of our projects.

Basepoint Business Centre, Shoreham-by-Sea, United Kingdom



We’ve been monitoring the Brexit negotiations, as well as the political fiasco in the USA. The former to see how the Pound Sterling holds current value, and the latter, possible tanking of the US Dollar. The votes are in and the deal is done, therefore we have decided to go with the Queen. Our payment processor is Stripe in the United Kingdom.

Pound Sterling

Our cash register rings to the sound of Pound Sterling


Crypto & Blockchain

Back in the 90s I dabbled in digital currencies like DigiCash et al. They all failed. When crypto came along, I took a back seat, leaving others to figure out the way. It appears a road has been carved out of the money jungle. Hence, 2021 is the year we jump on the bandwagon and take Bitcoin payments. We’re also coding some blockchain apps.



Established & Ready

With new offices north and south, our cash register clear£y coded, we are ready to venture into the new year. Buckle up and hit the accelerator. As we leave 2020 in the Covid-19 dust, let’s all get into top successful gear!

Herby Olschewski

Herby Olschewski

Been there, done that… doing it all over again!

A product of South Africa, vintage 1963. Internaut since 1982. Roaming the world from the age of 23 to date, learning. Jack of all trades, master of none. Technology nerd & pilot. Digital Nomad. Free to travel~live~work, anywhere.


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